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Electric scooters and other goods sold in cash and non-cash have a warranty period of service. During this period, the client has the right to free repair of equipment in the service center of the City Rider Ukraine company.

When buying an electric scooter, the customer receives a warranty card containing the terms of warranty service, as well as the operating conditions of the device. CITY RIDER Ukraine undertakes to repair the breakdowns covered by the warranty conditions free of charge. The term of the electric scooter's warranty service is 3-6 months. Battery cells are guaranteed for 6 months.

At the same time, the client can use the additional services of CITY RIDER Ukraine for tuning and improving the device. This could include improved hull protection, additional waterproofing, new batteries. Payment for these services is made according to the prices of the City Rider Ukraine company.

The warranty for the main components of the electric scooter is:

  • Battery - 6 months (subject to compliance with the operating rules).
  • Motor wheels - 6 months (in the absence of traces of moisture and traces of opening).
  • Inspectors - 6 months (in the absence of traces of moisture and traces of opening).
  • Trigger (on-board computer) - 6 months (mechanical damage and a broken throttle hook are not covered by the warranty)
  • Structural elements of the hull - 100 km of run (subject to the observance of the operating rules).
  • Original electrical wiring - 6 months, in the absence of mechanical damage.
  • Charger - 6 months, in the absence of signs of opening and mechanical damage.

Return and Cancellation Policy

Our buyers have the right to cancel an order for the purchase and delivery of an electric scooter at any time, until the terms of delivery are agreed with the Operator of the online store (message of the address and time of delivery of the goods). To cancel the order, you need to call the Operator of the online store at the phone numbers indicated on the website or leave a request to cancel the order in the feedback form.

The return of purchased goods is carried out in accordance with the norms and time periods established by the Law "On Protection of Consumer Rights". To arrange the return of the goods and receive the paid money, it is necessary to contact the sales department of the company with a written Application within the time limits established by law, in which the reasons for the return should be stated in detail. The company may refuse to refund if it detects obvious defects that have arisen through the fault of the buyer or other circumstances of a clear and independent nature of the company's actions.