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Electric scooter CITY RIDER MONO

City Rider Mono 48v 1200w

An advanced modification of the City Rider Mono model boasts a more capacious battery and a powerful wheel motor. A significant increase in these parameters by 20% had a significant impact on the capabilities of the City Rider. With a 1.2 kilowatt motor and a 30 Ah battery, it rides faster and has a lot more autonomy.


  • Engine power - 1.2 kW.
  • Rear wheel drive.
  • The seat is there.
  • Declared speed - 55 km / h
  • Front suspension with hydro damping
  • The declared load is not more than 140 kg.
  • Battery - 30 A * Ch, Li-ion
  • The maximum mileage on a single charge is 50-60 km.
  • Weight 27 kg.
  • The diameter of the wheels of the model is 10.5 inches,
  • Pneumatic tires

It should also be noted that there are hydraulic brakes on both wheels. Hydro brake is more reliable and efficient, which is important in difficult road conditions. By the way, the braking system is supplemented by an electronic brake with recuperation. The CITY RIDER Mono electric scooter starts with a key, its steering wheel is easily fixed in 3 positions.